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Services To Help Grow Your Business

Service Desk

Centralized service desk offloads your tier 1 ticketing and resolutions. We follow ITIL best practices following SLAs to free you up for other business projects.


Tailored security programs just for you. From desktop AV to more advanced detection and response services, cybersecurity isn’t a one-size fits all program. 

Business Continuity

DataNet provides private, secure cloud for our clients. If public cloud, IaaS or other hybrid is a better fit, we can help you design, build and migrate to your new services. We also provide full-feature cloud backups and continuity services.

Network & Communications

We help you identify your needs and then find the best VoIP, UCaaS, Collaboration and/or Call Center provider(s). Our implementation teams handle getting both your network and your employees onboard and efficient.

Our Mission

"Make the technology distractions go away!"

technical Support

At DataNet, our approach is 100% client first with technology to fit. While our operations follow the strict ITIL and best practice rules, we also remain flexible to our clients needs. In today’s rapidly changing business and technology world, you need a partner willing to ‘fill in’ where it makes the most sense for you. 

Whether you need help just offloading your help desk, manage workstations and compliance, or keeping your network devices safe, DataNet has the solutions that you need. 

Our goal is to be an extension of your company, as if we were working in the next room on the same floor. We are able to understand what you and your company needs, which also us to be effective and profitable for you.

Why DataNet?

Reliable IT Service

 A reliable partner can provide remote monitoring and management, off-site backups, cloud computing and storage as well as numerous other technologies to help your company stay current in the fast-paced business world.

Enhanced Security
and Compliance

Your MSP partner can provide their expertise in ensuing that all devices are patched to the latest and most secure levels as well as providing off-site backups in the case of an emergency or human error.

Cost Effectivness

We can provide hardware with a lease plan which adds a level of predictability to your monthly budget.  This increased ROI is an area that should not be overlooked should you decide to proceed with using an MSP partner.

Free Up Time

Freeing up your existing IT staff to work on projects and tasks they are better suited to handle.  Your MSP partner can handle all the mundane tasks such as patching, compliance, backups and more while your IT staff can work on internal projects.

Our Partners

What does an IT leader actually do?

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Most frequent questions and answers

Also known as outsourced IT, an MSP is a third party company takes responsibility for your hardware, software and networks. An MSP is 100% responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure and work on a monthly fixed-fee basis. This creates a more proactive approach to potential problems. Using an MSP creates a fixed budget approach with no surprises. The assumed responsibility creates a shared risk, creating a true partnership.

Companies that cannot justify the cost of a full IT staff but still require someone to take care of the IT part of their business. As a company, you realize that having IT at hand is required part of your business

  • You want an IT firm that thinks like a business owner before thinking like IT technicians.
  • You understand that the hourly cost of downtime is so much more than a technician’s hourly rate.
  • You’re tired of dealing with depreciating assets
  • You’re not even sure how to hire competent IT staff
  • You’re a business with at least 10 or more desktops and 1 or more servers

Most issues can be handled remotely with our remote access software, but if need be, we can quickly dispatch a tech to your office.

We have experts in all fields that can provide solutions you may not even be aware of that could increase reliability and reduce overall costs. Are all of your systems fully patched? Do you have proper security in place as well as reliable backups? We can ensure that all systems are secure and up to date. We can reduce the amount of CAPEX that is required to keep your company up to date Our proactive approach will ensure that everything continues to work as expected.

This may actually cost you more in the long run because a “pay as you need” model rewards a company when they do break-fix instead of becoming an actual partner who really cares about your business. A partnership rewards both the MSP and the client due to the fact that it’s in our best interest to keep things running smoothly

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